Friday, April 15, 2011


Guess what?! In a couple months, I get to go here:

Yep! Playa del Carmen, just south of Cancun. I'll be singing for Opera Maya for the first couple weeks of June. I get to sing one of my arias with orchestra for FOUR different gala concerts. Do you realize what that means?
Well sure, it means an awesome experience. I'll learn so much. And it'll be super fun. But do you realize what else this means?


Yes! The dresses! Oh, the dresses. One of my greatest joys in life. If I could wear ball gowns every day, I totally would. I joke about it all the time- wearing my gowns to the grocery store, walking the dog. But in all seriousness, I see it as the ultimate feminist movement: being amazing at what I do, and wearing gorgeous gowns to set it off. What man can do that?

Given the fact that I have no money right now, and am about to spend more money I don't have on this program, I'll obviously be digging through my closet and maybe hitting Nordstrom Rack. But just for now, I figured I might as well draft up a list of front runners for if I did find some money. A sort of fantasy dress league, if you will.
So here we go:

First up, a little nod to my destination! Aidan Mattox. Can't you picture it? A warm night in the Caribbean; I'll have a little glow from all the sunshine...

Next up, another Aidan Mattox. A little more traditional than I usually go for, but something about this one is just so elegant!

Just gorgeous. There is something so sexy about how natural this is- the color, the flow of it. BCBG:

Now, since this is indeed fantasy, we may as well go all the way. I've lusted after this dress ever since the final episode of Sex and the City. Here we are, Carrie's Versace mille-feuille gown (mille-feuille is a layered pastry). Rumor is this dress retailed at $79,000. But who's counting anymore. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to be completely surrounded by thousands of layers?! I love it.

Anyway, this is round one. There are a couple more I was going to post, but I'm sleepy and these decisions (fantasy or not) cannot be taken lightly

Let me know what you think! Feel free to add some suggestions as well! And while we're talking, tell me what your fantasy league would be... we've all got something. ;-)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I'm on the verge of some sort of major life change. Problem is, I don't know what it's going to be. And all of my possibilities revolve around other people's opinions on what I should do with my life. It's exciting... but maddening.

So, instead of waiting around to hear from all these other people, I've decided it's finally time to make my list. My daisy pushing list, we'll call it. Buckets, my auntie says, are just not very ladylike.

I've only included non career or family oriented goals- only things I can organize myself. Now that I've started this list, I find it so silly that I didn't do it sooner! Why wouldn't I start doing everything I've always wanted to? Isn't that really the whole point in living, in the first place?

Now. It's the perfect time.

I'll track my progress on my blog- and if any of you help me accomplish one of these things, you get cookie. Or a kiss.

So here it is, so far:

*Live in a foreign country (France may actually be a real possibility for me in the near future, so that's convenient.)

*Learn how to speak a 2nd language fluently

*Study wine at a vineyard for at least one summer

*Perform significant role in a straight play or film

*Be content with my weight

*Form sketch comedy troupe

*Own pink bike (the old fashioned kind, with a basket)

*Write something people will want to read

*Live by the sea

*Go on road trip with no plans at all (like, a long one)

*Complete major piano work(s)

*Meet a giraffe and elephant (in the wild, not at the zoo)

*Make a croquembouche (don't know what that is? Look it up- they're incredible. Then help me eat it, because I'm not really much of a sweet tooth. Silly, I know.)

*Go on a sailing trip

*Experience New York City at Christmastime

*Race a car

*Go to a ball (a real one!)

*Take a bath with all my friends (Yes! We'll need a very large tub, obviously, a bunch of rubber duckies, and a hell of a lot of bubbles. I think it's totally doable.)

So what do you think? Anyone want to pitch in? Tell me what's on your list!